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Holy Trinity Aberaeron

In the beginning . . .

In 1838 the river Aeron divided the two Parishes known as Henfynyw and Llanddewi Aberarth, both of which conducted their worship entirely in Welsh. A sum of £700 was raised by public subscription to build a 'Chapel of Ease' in Aberaeron to allow for worship by the influx of English and Anglicised minor gentry and tradesmen who had come into the town as a result of the building of the new harbour.

This chapel was licensed in 1838 and a photograph exists which shows the chapel to have been a square building in the Georgian style of the town. It was an unusual and handsome building for an Anglican Church and flourished from the beginning.

In 1851 it is recorded as having two services on Sunday. There were 260 sittings, of which only 60 were free - the others produced an annual income of £15 in rent.

The fall and rise . . .

Holy Trinity Aberaeron

By 1870 the Chapel was dilapidated and the Bishop licensed the town hall for the celebration of divine service. The Chapel was rebuilt in the current fashionable florid Gothic style and opened on 1st October 1872, although it was not consecrated until 6th August 1875. The building cost £1,776, the tower alone costing £795 and being completed in 1880. Once more the money was collected by Public subscription.

The basic structure of the Tower and the Nave has not been changed, but the original plan was unusual in that the Nave ended in the Apse with three stained glass windows within which the Altar stood. This interesting structure was replaced by the present Chancel, erected in the memory of the Reverend W. O. Edwards. The chapel was reconsecrated after the completion of the chancel on the 3rd May 1900. The windows from the demolished Apse were reused in the north wall of the new Chancel. The organ was also installed at this time. The Incorporated Church Building Society gave £40 towards the enlargement on condition that all seats be for the free use of parishioners. The only major change to the interior since 1900 is the painting and gilding of the Chancel roof, which was part of the refurbishing of the Church 1966-1967.

The change . . .

Holy Trinity Church retained a more distinctive English element than surrounding Churches. This was consolidated by the privy council's action in 1910 when they separated "from the parish of Llanddewi Aberarth all that part that lies within the limits of the urban district of Aberaeron". This was over half the town and this action strengthened the Parish of Henfynyw and its Chapel of Ease.

The silver plate of this Chapel consists of a silver salver, hallmark of 1731, a silver egg-shaped chalice, hallmark of 1805 both presented by Mrs Atwood of Pen-y-Garreg in 1839, a small silver flagon, hallmark 1876. The Altar Cross, two candlesticks, Altar desk and Alms dish are of brass. The latter presented in memory of Reverend W O Edwards, vicar of the parish (1867-96). The Brass Eagle Lectern, was given in memory of John Nathaniel Evans, late of Penygarreg, who was churchwarden here for forty years. The brass and oak Pulpit desk was presented in 1902 in memory of Mr and Mrs Edmund Lloyd. In 1982 a second silver Chalice was donated in memory of Mrs Lily Mortimer-Lloyd.

In 1972 a new Church hall was built alongside the Church.

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