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  Church in Wales
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The bigger picture:     Our place in the Province of the Church in Wales . . .


Line for this parish:

Archbishop of the Church in Wales:
The Rt. Rev. Andy John
Bishop of St. David's Diocese:
The Right Reverend Joanna Penberthy.
Archdeacon of Cardigan:
The Venerable Eileen Davies.
TMA (Team Ministry Area) Leader
Glyn Aeron (Coastal):

The Reverend Canon John P Lewis.
Vicar of our 4 parish churches:
The Reverend Canon John P Lewis.

The Structure:

The Church in Wales is divided into six geographical areas, or dioceses. Each diocese is looked after by a Bishop and is a distinct administrative unit.

Each diocese is split into a number of Archdeaconries with an Archdeacon overseeing each area and each Archdeaconry is further split into a number of TMAs.

Each TMA Leader oversees their area which is then divided into a number of Benefices.

A benefice is the area over which a cleric (eg. a vicar) has responsibility. A cleric may be put in charge of one parish, or of several.

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