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Holy Trinity Aberaeron

Home Groups

These take place in homes around the area on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and are an important part of our church life.

They provide a place for fellowship, Bible teaching, prayer and worship in an intimate and homely environment: one in which people can make friends and grow in their faith in a way that can rarely be achieved in larger services.

We welcome everyone who considers themselves a part of Holy Trinity Church to join one of these groups. To find out more about them please our Contact us page.

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Prayer Meetings


Prayer is our direct line to heaven. We pray to bring the power of God to bear on the situations that we are concerned about.

Through prayer, God is able to work in our lives and in others. We can bring all our concerns, our thoughts and desires, our hurts and needs to Him, knowing that He wants to hear us.

Prayer is not limited by words, it is simply our spirit touching God's Holy Spirit. We do not always need to use words; we can just open our heartfelt thoughts and emotions to Him. We want every part of our church's life to be supported in prayer. Regular prayer meetings are held on the 1st Sunday evening of each month, in the Church hall.

If you have a prayer request, let us know using our Contact us page.

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FairTrade Produce

Fair Trade Coffee Morning

By using fairly traded products we offer hope to those living in poverty in the Third World. By speaking to local people we are able to offer them a Fair Trade which the love of Jesus can offer to all people.

Aberaeron is a 'Fairtrade' Parish. All of the tea, coffee and sugar used for church functions has been fairly traded. Any profit is given to the Christian charity Tearfund, which helps the deprived of our world. You can visit both the Fairtrade and Tearfund websites from our Links page.

Ladies' Bible Study

There’s a Ladies’ Bible Study group that meets at the Vicarage every Monday at 7:30pm.

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