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  How to

. . . become a Christian

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Christians are people who have recognised and accepted that Jesus died for them.

Everyone's experience is different. It is a personal encounter.

Some folk will tell of having a sudden breakthrough in understanding and can pinpoint the moment in time that it happened.
For others it can be better described as a journey, sometimes over many years.

God has prepared the way for all of us to find a loving relationship with him, however, he will not force this on any of us. It is entirely your decision. He has made it possible. It is a matter between you and God. There are no magic wands to accomplish it for you.

There is however common ground in most Christian's experience. This common ground is not a formula but may help you on your journey and understanding. Each one of the following pointers has a quotation from the Bible for you to view and consider. (Hover over each reference to read them)


God says that everyone has fallen short of his perfect standards. He calls this sin. We need to acknowledge this for ourselves and  Agree with him. (Romans 3:23)

He says that Jesus died to take the punishment that we deserve for all our wrong doing and thinking.

We need to accept or Believe this. (John 3:16)

We should submit or Commit ourselves to him. (James 4:7)

Christians do not become perfect overnight so don't expect that to happen. Becoming a Christian is just the start of the ultimate journey of learning to live our lives as God intended them to be lived. You will experience his help and support (Deuteronomy 31:8) as you learn to be more like Jesus in your thinking and living. As you learn to do this he will give you great joy and contentment in life and an eternal future with him.

If you have made the decision to become a Christian, we would love to hear from you. We may be able to give you further help and support. You could write, call, or e-mail. You will find details on our Contacts page.

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