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1. Julio and Norma Montoya

Julio and Norma

Julio & Norma live in a mountainous area of Lima Peru, and also work along with Erica their daughter and other helpers, (including Isabel Montoya's husband, Revd Anderson Sanchez who was appointed a CMS Latin Partner in 2015).

The area in which they live is a very poor one, people live in shanty homes with zinc corrugated sheets for the walls and roofs, we would call them sheds. They are without a constant supply of electricity; many just rely on lamps and wood stoves for cooking.

They continue working with the children in spite of economic difficulties and the change in the management of schools. Since each school is responsible for its funding and gives centrally according to what they are able, they hold events to generate incoming resources, but not enough.

Julio and Norma have also been working with the people of St Paul's in a church project working with children who are not registered. They are not recorded as having a birth certificate.

The Montoyas often have to rely on their own savings for buying food. The meals provided for the children at the day centre are all free. You can view their latest news release here:

Montoya News

The Work . . .

Peru Thumb

Mission associates Julio and Norma Montoya have been serving the Diocese of Peru for over 30 years in many different ways. Nowadays they serve a congregation near to where they have started a school which is run by their daughter Isabel.

Julio and Norma also support many people living in precarious situations in the shanty towns with sewing classes, small scale agricultural extension, general encouragement and advocacy.

Your prayer's and giving are always needed.

2. The Castro's

Meco Thumb

Daniel, Gail, Melissa and Ruth Castro serve the Lord in Meco Spain.

They have been several times to speak to us at Holy Trinity Aberaeron and a few members of Holy Trinity help to support them in prayer and financially.
They do not get a salary but go out in faith.

Castro News

You can view their latest news release here or you you can find out more about the work from the One Mission Society website.


To support the work of either the Montoya's or the Castro's please contact Colin or Rosemary Stevens by:
phone: +44 (0)1545 580775
email: Stevens

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